Pelco Camera Repair

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We have offered repair services since 1985 at affordable prices

Pelco Camera Repair by Qualified Electronic Specialists

PTZ Repair

PTZ Repair specializes in repair and refurbishing services for Pelco Spectra® series. Our repair team comprises of qualified electronic specialists. We possess a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with Pelco repair, which ensures that your repair is of the highest standard and returned to you within the shortest time possible.

We work on almost all Pelco cameras. Our technicians just need your camera’s information, and we provide the best possible solution for your repair needs.

Pelco Spectra Cameras Repair & Servicing

At PTZ Repair, we repair the most popular Pelco Spectra series cameras. These include some standard models such as Pelco Spectra II, Pelco Spectra III, Pelco Spectra IV, and more. When you choose us for your repair needs, we first inspect every part and component and then provide the solution. We use high-quality products for repair and ensure durability.

We also check for the proper functioning of the Pelco camera, before handing over to you after servicing.

PTZ Repair

Our Core Sectors

Some of the largest security agencies trust us to repair their equipment.

  • Casinos
  • The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
  • Michigan Prison systems
  • Kroger grocery stores
  • JC Penney and Sears
  • Homeland Security
  • Commercial banking
  • National and international service